Allow us to bring you to a state of pure relaxation and arouse your inner desire for conquest.

Bangkok Sukhumvit 33 Soi "Nectar Moon Dew" Erotic Massage Shop

Not your regular massage shop. Only deeply erotic and sexual massages available.

tada wari
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our goal is to make you pleased and satisfied, and we promise that we will make every effort to ensure that you have a fun and relaxing time.

Please call for reservations and inquiries

You can also make reservations via email : accept emails 24 hours a day)

hiro hiro hiro
BWH : 86.62.87
English:◯ | Delivery : Y

You will feel like you are with a true goddess when you spend time with Hiro. Allow her to whisk you away to fulfil newfound senses and explore new zones of intimacy.

BWH : 85.60.84
English:△ | Delivery : Y

Elegant figure and beautiful and adorable face; the word pure is there for her. She is also a very enthusiastic learner of the art of massage. Her lovely smile will sure to give you a happy time.

jun jun jun
BWH : 87.60.84
English:◯ | Delivery : Y

She is a pretty woman with a complex mixture of purity and elegance. You can see her pure personality on her elegant face. She has a style of classical Japanese women who is a little reserved but with a caring and gentle heart. Please enjoy a memorable time with her.


Mitu Erotic Massage

Our staff is made up of the finest, highest-class women who encompass our 3 principles of cleanliness, shyness, and politeness. How about spending some time with one of these high-class ladies?
Our salon provides the most erotic of massage services.
Our women please themselves as they please you with super intimate massage techniques. These stunning women will stimulate your sense of sight, hearing, and smell as they give you an experience that could never get from normal sex.
This is the magic of the Mitu Massage.

Easy and Simple Mitu Delivery

Enjoying Mitu Massage is simple as one call. No store visit necessary.
(Sessions of 90 minutes or longer)
We welcome you to Mitu Massage, a comfortable, safe, and respectful massage club. Enjoy Mitu Massage in your own familiar, private space.
Service includes the Sukhumvit area - no transporation fees included! (hotels include BTS nana or ekamai hotels, or provided to your own condo or apartment)!

Please call for reservations and inquiries